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Thread: interior shots

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    does anybody have any interior shots of their liberators,I'm trying to get some ideas on what I want to do to mine.

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    a couple of fiberglass buckets and your there lol

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    right!!!!!!!!!!!just wondering how many liberator owners have carpet in them? or should I just have it gelcoated ?

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    good question for gary snow......never owned a liberator.....u cant beat bulsa or wood under fiberglass floors though

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    ours has carpet in it & a back seat,but then again you've seen it so i won't post any pics.
    the other lib we owned also had carpet . ithink it adds a little class to the boat,but if it had parquet floors and was flow coated that would be my choice
    (live v-drives )!!!
    ours is in the shop have the MM checked !

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    so what color shag should I get Gary?

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    Hey Randall..... I'm thinking orange and brown. If it doesn't have a balsa floor, don't know if I'd clear coat it. If it's just plain old wood, you might consider coloring the floor. I'm not a big carpet fan in a tunnel. Post a picture or two of the floor.

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    good answer garry! I think I'm just gonna have it gelcoated probably black and splatter paint.

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    Sounds like a plan.

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    I have carpet in the boat that I have ... It came that way. I am probably going to pull it out before summer. I have no idea what kind of nightmares I am going to find under there. It is a predator I wonder what the original floor is supposed to look like?

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