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Thread: Rule #1 about towing: Always use tow straps!!

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    Liquid Courage
    Driving down the road near my home last Sunday I came across this.....early 90's Fountain w/525SC's and Bravo's piggie backing a brand new '06 lifted Chevy Duramax Crewcab. The driver was cut off by a car (who left the scene ) and was forced to slam his brakes on. The Myco trailer had a low style front roller/stop that had a link chain holding the boat down from the bow...No tie down at the transom.
    After two hours a local tow company lifted the boat back onto the trailer. The best part....The owner promptly drives the boat to the Ventura launch ramp and runs it for the rest of the day!!
    Remember, always use tow straps!!

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    Liquid Courage
    Don't know why the pics wont show up w/out the link. Here's the last of them.

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    WOW, Can you imagine if the truck wasnt lifted very well could have ended up in the cab or throught it.

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    He should have dragged his anchor.....

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    That Sucks :yuk:

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    Liquid Courage
    Thanks Matt for putting the pics up. I don't know why when I post it goes right to the link style

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    Looks like he has definately exceeded the recommended tongue weight.
    Also always use your tow chains. Just had a guy take out my mailbox in havasu when his trailer left the hitch and it crossed two lane an took it out. Neighbor told me the chains were wrapped around the trailer and not connected to the vehicle.

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    H20 Toie
    Funny we had this converstation today during the performance boat class that Tres Martin teaches and his take is that we all need to use 2 bow straps as well as the transom straps

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    Left The Scene? Find 'em, And Shoot 'em.

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