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Thread: A Christmas poem for "Rattle Can Lou"

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    T'was the night before Christmas and while at the shop,
    I observed "Rattle Can Lou" drinking some shots.
    Stumbling around and laying some tape,
    He's been known to do his best work when he's in this fine shape.
    Lines might be crooked, and some are to thin,
    That's when I noticed Lou reached for the Gin.
    He took a big gulp and fell to his kness,
    Praying to God for some new ideas please!!!!.
    I heard him squawk "i'm tired of spraying all red white & black",
    My fans on these boards are beginning to think i'm a hack.
    With that said he spun around and grabbed for the bottle of Jack,
    Took another shot and fell flat on his back.
    Realizing now he was in way over his head,
    He got to his feet and stumbled for bed.
    He called for his dog who's name is "Booker",
    Patted him on his head and said "God I could sure use a cold beer and a big
    breasted hooker".
    With "Rattle Can Lou" passed out for the night,
    I closed his door and shut off the booth light.
    Tomorrow if we're lucky we'll start this all over again,
    My "Buddy Lou" and his bottle of Gin.........
    Merry Christmas "Rattle Can Lou".....Your the best!!!!

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    You crack me up. :rollside:

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    That is too funny!..

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    Billy B that is too damn funny. I can't wait for RCL to get into work and respond. Of course that will be around noon!

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    Junior Member Hud's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    LMAO, great work little Buddy!...........C'mon!

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    ... and they say paint fumes ar bad for ya Good job billy !

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    Billy, if your paint skills leave U got something to fall back on

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    Dave Sammons
    OUTSTANDING work my friend!!!

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    WOW!!!!!. I don't even remember writing this. Must of been my alter ego. I would never accuse "Rattle Can Lou" of drinking on the job, much less think he could score a big breasted hooker :rollside: :rollside: :rollside: .

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    Dave Sammons
    WOW!!!!!. I don't even remember writing this. Must of been my alter ego.
    Think back my friend...Maybe this was a "Christmas Past" out of the Krazy Kolors shop????? :messedup: :messedup:

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