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Thread: 21' Liberator V drive tunnel hull

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    I looked at this boat on my recent trip to Texas.
    I told the owner I'd put up an ad for him to help him sell it.
    It's a 1995 Liberator, Same hull as an Eliminator Daytona, hasn't been in the water since 1999. The hulls in excellent condition. It has a B & M 2 speed auto trans in it and a 10 degree Casale V drive box.
    The owner is Elmer Youngblood, a real interesting guy who has rigged and drove drag boats since the 1960's. He drove the open cockpit top fuel hydro "Blue Max" to over 200 mph back in the 1970's.
    Elmer can be reached at 817 896 3464 and the boat is located in Granbury, Texas. The boat is presently rigged as a two seater but Elmer is re-rigging with a back bench seat.
    I have quite a few more pictures if someone needs some.

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    what made you choose the elim over the lib and do you have an idea of where he is on the price ?
    hard to find hull !

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    It was a tough choice, the Daytona is an older boat but it is turn key so that was a major factor. Both boats have a parquay inlay floor that looks great.
    The location of the 10 degree gearbox on the Liberator may give it more top end potential then the Daytona but that was not a factor for me. I've got some stuff to learn about V-drives.
    Just call Elmer and talk to him on the price. He's a real good guy and loves to talk fast boats with anyone whether you buy a boat or not. I have talked to him about his boat for several months before making the trip to Texas.
    His main lake boat is a 26' Firehawk with an Arneson outdrive.

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    Nice Tow Rig...Texas Style!!!

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    What is the ACTUAL propshaft angle to the hull bottom? Do the outer sponsons have strakes all the way back to the transom? What is the propshaft center line to the center pod and also to the outer sponsons? These measurements are what make it "a real deal" or not.

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    Big Kat,
    I don't have any of those dimensions from Elmers boat but I do have a picture of the bottom.
    Elmers boat has the gearbox mounted about 18" farther forward than the Daytona has which would lessen the propshaft angle a little.

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    blender over
    Tell you what, this boat has major potenial!!!!!!!!
    I have the same boat with a 225hp o/b and mine goes over 85mph!!!
    If dave made this boat , he layes them up pretty light, and yet they are strong and handel 2 to 3 ft chop :crossx:

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    I figured out the speed on the Daytona I just bought and it'll have to turn 6000 rpm to get to 94 mph with 18% OD gears, 16" pitch prop and 12% prop slippage. I don't know if that motor can do it. I'm guessing it's going to run more like 85 mph.

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    Brazos River Rat
    I live in Granbury and have seen this boat . It is very nice and Elmer does take care of all of his stuff ..

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