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    mach1 454
    what are the diffrences between solid and hydralic lifters performance wise? is one better than the other? im going to rebiuld my big block chevy and would like to know what is best for higher horsepower.
    mach1 454

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    solid is better for more hp but you have to use a solid lifter cam and they need periodic adjustment.
    hydraulic are self adjusting and the cam profiles are different usually less lift.

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    What 77charger said, and if your not going to spin the motor over 6000 rpm, I'd stick with the hydraulic roller. Serious serious power, you'll need a solid, but most guys can live with the hydraulic and not have to worry about adjusting valves.

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    Hydraulic is definately the way to go, the solids require periodic adjustments. You may want to consider a hydraulic roller cam & lifters, this will give you the big lift and duration while retainer the quiet and low mainteance of the hydraulics.

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    Personally I never run a Hydraulic Flat tappet or Hydraulic roller in a say, 18ft jet.When they get out of the water at WOT the tend to stack up the valve train and thats usually not good.Many use them though with good results in the smaller Jets.
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    I think the main concern about solid or roller versus hydraulic stems from the fear of having to adjust them too often. If you don't race, or live in a cool climate, and acessibility is not a problem, I'd go with the solid or solid roller. In many parts of the country, with most people, its tough to put 50 hours on a boat in the summer. Diesel engines have solid rollers and I adjust them every 6,000 to 15,000 hours. These engines are maxed out all day long, 24/7. 15,000 is quite high, but we are constantly experimenting. Diesel speaking, once you set them, they stay. Valve seat recession is the only reason I would worry about resetting valves. However, racing is another thing and frequent inspection always makes sense. Either back off high lift springs or roll the engine over a couple times each winter. Once a year makes sense, for normal hot rod use, to me.

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    Hydraulic lifter? You mean, like, an excavator or something?

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    mach1 454
    Originally posted by mister460:
    Hydraulic lifter? You mean, like, an excavator or something?

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    Y'know, an excavator uses hydraulics and it can lift stuff, i.e., "hydraulic lifter".
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