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Thread: 1973 Southwind For Sale

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    1973 Southwind. Custom Paint,not Perfect But Not Terrible. Has Clean Carpet,interior, Jac. Wj Pump In Excelent Shape Painted To Match Boat. Has All Cables And Controls. Complete Boat Minus Motor. Set up for a BBC. Tandem Trailer Needs Paint.has A Small Crack In Dash Where Guages Are, Got A Price To Fix Of $300. Easy Enough To Fix Yourself. Will Try To Post Pics Tonight. Must Go Best Offer Takes.

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    Would ya send me some pics?

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    I will send you some tonight. I cannot do it from work.

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    How much do you all think this is worth?

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    somebody offer me something anything this boat must leave my house.

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    $1200 :cry:

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    All you need is a motor and quick repair on the dash and you will bo on the water. This boat has it all. Oh yea I almost forgot chicks dig it.

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