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Thread: Reverse SPAM Looking for Used Boat

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    don johnson
    Looking for a used late model (2003 or newer) F29 DCB, 30 Daytona, 33 Daytona or 32 Spectre. Twin engine config. Less motors only.

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    Keith E. Sayre
    How about a loaded and still looking new Spectre 30' with whackers for a great price? Super clean and maintained. Here in Havasu.
    Or a 1997 31' American Offshore that was on the cover of Powerboat Mag
    doing 120 mph in October 1997. Less than 100 total hours on the boat and the twin blown 572's. Super clean also. Asking $90,000!
    Or a 30' Daytona 2001 with fresh 572's making 750 each. This boat is loaded
    and is as close to perfect as they get also. He would like $150,000 but may
    take a little less. Great graphics. he'll bring it to Havasu for an interested
    party. He's in Oklahoma.
    Or Billy Champions boat. Now there is another beautiful 30 Daytona. He's on the boards with it. Needs a couple hundred but it's almost new.
    Let me know if you wish more info or photos etc.
    Keith Sayre
    Conquest Boats

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    Dave C
    whats the deal? building up some new motors?
    I hope to do the same thing as you someday. i.e. less motors :cry:

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    don johnson
    I have 2 fresh 1,100 horsepower GT motors coming out of my old boat, a 1999 33' Daytona. Looking to find a later model boat. My 33 Daytona did right at 140 MPH so certainly not looking for a hull that I will move backwards in performance in.

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