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Thread: Tool Boxes....All Go...or All Show!`

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    I am looking to add another tool box to my life. Its sort of like adding a new member to the family, but this time I get to choose.
    Craftsman or Snap-On? and Why?
    Let's hear it, pros and cons...
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    I would go with the Mac over either one of those. Nothing wrong with Craftsman, but they are more function than anything. Snap-on is nice but cost 3 times more than the same exact box in a Mac. I went through this years ago and ended up with a Mac with ball-bearing slides and all the bells and whistles for much less $$$$. Besides I was already giving the Snap-on guy enough tool money, didn't need to add to it.

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    Go with the Snap On there is no substatute for perfection the old saying you get what u pay for is exactly that.I love my Snap On box all the drawers roll out extremely easy and the dont buckle like a old craftsman did that i had and cost wise they are the same as a mac.If u want something cheaper get a Matco or Cornwell both are decent and cost al;ot less than mac or Snap On.

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    I like craftsman because I like sears, they stand behind everything that comes out of those doors. Just don't buy a fridge from them

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    I run Craftsman Roller Bearing right now, but I want to retire that box to the truck for my next phase, fully river/race mobile.
    So I am looking for a good box. Snap-On has stopped by and met with me. Nice product! Price? Ouch
    Craftsman is just all American...and that's a representation of me! So what is there to question.
    But I also support my fellow Americans and there products, because that's what America is about. MATCO, Snap-On, or even Home Depot (Husky).
    But I sure don't want to be a broke American or one who sends my paychecks to Snap-On
    Whheeewww...I just don't know. I think I am going to call MATCO also.

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    Yeah, Husky is pretty awesome too, I have a great set of wrenches from them.

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    This may not be what you guys want to hear, but Home Depot or Lowes both sell great tool boxes. They have ball bearings and are really nice. For the the average guythese things are a good value, costing a fraction of those mentioned above.

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    Jungle Boy
    I shopped the hell out of this about 2 years ago. I asked many mechanics for their opinions. ALL of them said that Snap-On is the best if you are going in and out of them 8 hrs a day. For the average guy working on his toys a few hrs a week, a Snap-On is way too much money. I was told to buy a roller bearing drawer chest and roller cabinet. I ended up with a Husky unit, partly because I have a friend that has had one on his farm for years and it's loaded up big time and it's still works very good. It's been a good buy so far. I have no complaints. They were about the same as Craftsman, but had more selection in the type I wanted.
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    I run Craftsman Roller Bearing right now, but I want to retire that box to the truck for my next phase, fully river/race mobile. You might hang onto the Craftsman for the shop and look at the Snap-On heavy duty road chest for your truck set up. The Craftsman boxes, from what I have seen in the heavy equipment realm, tend not to hold up to the bouncing, banging and bumps. The heavy duty road chest could be thrown from a moving vehicle at ludacris speed and maybe get scratched.

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    If you want a truly custom toolbox, Check out Delson Products tool managment systems at this site
    These are absolutely the finest boxes made.
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