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Thread: Paint for speaker grills

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    Sotally Tober
    I want to paint the grills for my seperates. I want them white instead of black. My local shop said they spray them with vinyl dye. Does this sound right? What do you guys recommend. Also what type of resin do you recommend for my sub boxes? Starting thr install this weekend.

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    Sotally Tober
    Those look really nice. i wanted to just do the stock mb quart grills. It is more of a mesh that I think would just plug up when powdercoated. My trailer is powdercoated and it is some really thick chiat. I do plan to do my sub covers. I've got a SeaRay not a baller custom boat. I need a windshield as it gets cold in the NW. It does at least have a 496HO.

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    What are they made of??? AL, vinyl coated, Painted?

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    Sotally Tober
    Thanks SWB. Thought I could count on you. This should be named SWB's column.
    Those covers look bitchen but not for my style of boat. I did check extreme and liked the flames as I'm a fireman.
    I am building MDF boxes for under my wet bar for 2 12's . I need to waterproof them before carpet. I do not want them swelling from water. It seems to be around a boat.

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    You'd better make sure you cover the MDF really good with resin.... Even a pinhole will allow the wood to absorb like a sponge...

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    Sotally Tober
    You'd better make sure you cover the MDF really good with resin.... Even a pinhole will allow the wood to absorb like a sponge...
    Is there somthing better than MDF to use?

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    The reason MDF is used in almost all speaker MFG's is due to it's resonant frequency consistancy... Highend home speaker mfg's that use exotic woods will fine tune each enclosure to their specs if they have to.....
    If you fear your subwoofer will be exposed to an overabundance of water, I'd use marine ply and flow resin after you build it... Then you can either coat the inside with a sound deadening spray(be aware that extreme heat may cause it to liquify, so read the tech info ), or you can line inside the box with dynamat or similar material. All that said, you may not hear between the mdf vs marine ply....
    over cautious is a sympton of my OCD

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    I'm with Roz on this one. I have used both MDF and marine ply, and for the boat, I will only use marine ply in any future projects.
    In your application MDF will work fine, as SWB says, but the strength of ply is superior, and I would bet no one here could tell any acoustical difference's between the two woods.
    There is a definate cost difference, MDF is alot less expensive and alot easier to find.

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    I'd go with a finishing resin versus a laminating resin. Finishing resin is more waterproof

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    Have the grills powdercoated. These are the billet grills made by Ron's Custom Billet and they are seperates. We cut out the middle and inserted the tweeters into there. It fit really well.
    The screws are also powder coated white. This was before that was done.
    When you mounted the grill for your subs in the seat base, did you put silicone in the holes to keep the water out? I am debating whether or not to use through bolted screw/nuts, or just wood screws (stainless of course). Either way, I was wondering about putting silicone in the hole also to keep any water out....

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