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Thread: Mt.Island Lake NC folks listen up!

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    Hey guys,
    Just a note here that the "tree huggers" are paying attention to Mt. Island Lake, NC. They are again pushing for more no wake zones, and are looking for ways to restrict "high speed" traffic on the lake. For those of you who enjoy using the lake, we should take this VERY seriously. You can ask your friends out west or in FL what they think of the noise ordinances they have to live under. This has the potential of getting much worse, we need to work together to manage this before they start getting ordinances passed.
    If any of you have suggestions, or are interested in attending some of the marine commission meetings, let me know.

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    Jr Jetter
    Keep us informed please !! Let us know when, where, and what we can do to help save our lake. Yes, its our lake too !!!!!
    tree *&^% :argue: *^$^# huggers

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    were in, will do what ever it takes....

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    Well this goes to show ya what money can do!All ya have to do is read the Mt.Island Monitor,they will keep you informed!Remember the vote on the new satdium down town,voted out but as we all can see what money can do!So for all the rich people who just moved too our lake get use to it for now!We have been here for many years,grew up on this lake and if yall don't like it move!Take those no wake signs and stick them!

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