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Thread: Sony head unit/MP3 question

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    so my boat has a sony head unit,I know nothing about mp3 stuff.When I turn on my stereo,MP3 scrolls across the front.So how do I listen to a MP3 player on it?Is there a usb port on the front?A spot for a memory stick,like my kids 50$ MP3 players?I see sony has a removable face plate deck,that you actually take the face,plug it into to you PC and download music right into the face!...without my boat being here,Im trying to figure this out.MY wife new cell phone has a MP3 player in it,200 songs or something,how do I play this on the boat???

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    I talked to Frank at Car Toys about this a couple of weeks ago. He has an adaptor that plugs into the head unit and a IPOD and your Sony remotes will still operate the head unit. Very trick set up. I think it was about $160.00.
    Do you have an external CD player? I think it plugs into the RCA jacks for the CD player. With an IPOD, you would never used your changer again.

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    under the seat,so the phone or MP3 would be plugged into that!.Then will the song be displayed on the head unit?I hate being stupid on this stuff

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    You need an IPOD adapter for your Sony to use your IPOD. The new face unit is pretty sweet, I think retail is like $350.
    I have a new phone with a MP3 in it,and the head unit is MP3 ready,what does that mean?How does it plug in? :rollside:

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    you gotta know

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    The MP3 ready means that it will play MP3 coded discs that you burn from your computer...

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    Depending on which cd bruning software you have on your pc just click the mp3 button. It burns on a regular CDR just in a different format. I think you can put like 150 mp3 songs on a 80mb CDR

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    Yeah what everyone else said it means you can play disc burned on a MP3 format. Most of the upper line Sony's also have a RCA AUX in why couldn't you go from head phone jack to rca and plug in o the back of the unit. It's line in and you sorce on the unit to AUX.

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