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    Ok im new here and havent quite figured out were everything goes
    I have a few motors laying around needing a good home and I would like to restore/build/finish a jet boat.
    I am seriously thinking of doing this for my senior project to graduate High School. So I thought I might be able to get some information from of the people on here that may know some basics about them. I know my own personal boat upside down and inside out, but I have no idea about jet boats.
    thanks for the time

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    If you need to know a specific answer this is a good place to find it. There are many knowledgeble people on here. If you have the time try looking under the search icon, you can find just about anything on there. There is alot of general knowledge and some good debates to be found... Hope this helps.. CT

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    Welcome super72chevy5522! If there's one thing people around here like to do, it's argue, er I mean talk about boats and motors. The jet boats forum is good for jet setup questions, and obviously this one and gear heads are good for motor questions. Have fun!

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    how much to impeller pumps usally go for new? used?

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