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Thread: New Interior

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    I wanted to know what I might expect if I redo the entire interior of my boat. I want to replace all of the wood and updating the look, which means add some cup holders. My guess is it will be in the $6000-10,000 range. Also who would you recommend for a job like this? I have had Designer Marine do work for me before and I have like what they do, but other people to call would be nice as well.

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    I'm thinking more like 3-4 grand. How big is the boat???

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    21 ft. The $3-4 range would be great.

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    Mr. Crusader 83
    i have a 18ft jet. i had them build new front buckets and a rear bench. side panels with cup holders and an engine hatch, mine cost me $2400 at ultra boats in san diego.

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    21 ft. The $3-4 range would be great.
    You're definetely within that budget. And that's on the HIGH end. PM Phat Daddy, he got his hooked up for a good price. He has a 25 Daytona. Or PM atomickitn. He may be able to send you in the right direction with the shop that does Dana's stuff.

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    You may want to check with some of the builders as I hear they will do that type of work as well.

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    Sane Asylum
    Coach......dunno where you're located but Kachina will do some interior (side) work on other boats......He does very nice upholstery work....
    He's located near downtown Phoenix, near the airport......

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    Solano does nice work down at Land & Sea in Santa Ana (Harbor & Warner).
    Whoever you choose, move quickly because as soon as the LA Show gets close everyone gets busy and the prices go way up.
    When did Designer do your seats?

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    Solano does nice work down at Land & Sea in Santa Ana (Harbor & Warner).
    Do have and address or phone number for them? Could not find them via an internet search. Thanks.

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    Land and Sea is close. Designer did some seat repair and redid cusions the last two seasons. They were the original company that did my interior. I am not sure why I thought it was going to be so much. I like the prices I am seeing. With the extra $$$ I could put in some Dana Sissor Lifts. :rollside:

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