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Thread: Gullwing bass boat

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    Yesterday in Ft. Mohave I saw a blue and white gullwing heading north. The odd thing was it was an open bow done as a bass boat and had a covered engine that was upholstered to match. First thought was too much acid in the 60's, but there it was. I have never seen it before but I am going to keep an eye out for it to get some pics. Anybody know this boat?

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    Big Kahunaa
    i'll keep a eye out for it you think it fast

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    it came out from around Valencia rd from the east. Now that its cool they may use it for more fishing. First one to the fishing hole wins, right?

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    blender over
    it came out from around Valencia rd from the east. Now that its cool they may use it for more fishing. First one to the fishing hole wins, right?
    if that was the case, i would go buy this!!!!!!!!!

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Scotten told me he built ONE! but never spoke about it. Budlight

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    He did...put a blower motor in it...genuine bass boat, too. I think it's still the official world's fastest bass boat.

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    possibly an apollo bass boat?.. jim youngblood built the gullwing using bass boat hull that he modified..he actually raced a jet bass boat for awhile..
    Jim Youngblood began to experiment with performance boats in the late 1950's in California and is noted to have boat building experience dating back to 1958. He ran a number of circle track and drag race flatbottom v-drive boats. Jim began interested in the early development of the jet propulsion driven boats and was featured in a California newspaper in 1969 as "James Youngblood with his NEW INNOVATION IN JETBOATS, the White Lighting Special". I guess the "white lightning" name was a reference from his Arkansas roots and the fast speeds of those lightning runners! The deck design from this boat was later used on the "in house" Southwind of Lightning Manufacturing.....
    Somewhere along the way around the early 1970's Jim had that yearn to return to his Arkansas roots and settled back in Cabot, Arkansas. He and Neil Clark collaborated on the Triple C industries Apollo Jetboat design. Click here to see Apollo Boats. The Apollo design was a low profile hi performance "California style" jetboat that was built both in a low profile custom lake and race boat design as well as a jet "bass boat". As you review various hull pictures, you will be able to look at each of the boats mentioned throughout this article and see the chain of development and resemblance of one to the other. As was the way, . most of the successful boats of the age resembled others. Some of the folks were innovators and some were just copiers. The art of boat "splashing" seemed to run rampant in the late 70's and why reinvent the wheel if the hub was working fine?
    During this time of jet boat development Jim worked with Neil and several others who's chemistries formed to make a mark in the history of jetboating. The Apollo boat company worked very closely with the Jacuzzi Brothers Jet plant located in Little Rock which was very handy as Cabot was a small town just a few miles Northeast of the city. A couple of young budding jet propulsion engineers, Jack Seastrum and Roger Finney were on the scene and both had an interest in designing and implementing the jet pump in a performance boat deign. Also in the Apollo plant was a budding fiberglass boy wonder of gelcoat and design Robert Wittenburg. Jack Seastrom, also known as Jac Sea, was instrumental in developing a very efficient impeller design and also a high speed loader, referenced as the "sharks tooth" loader, that assisted in the higher speed potential of the boats.
    At the time all these guys were working together some fun things were happening! After all, they were pioneers in this jetboat industry and they were making history! There were many folks trying to develop propulsion and hulls through the next decade that wanted to be the leader in these technologies. Some rose higher and quicker than others, but the competition was on! Jim began to run a series of raceboats and began to have a following and his accomplishments were widespread. One of the more humorous and memorable boats was the Apollo jet propelled "Bassboat"! Yes, a bassboat version of their jetboat hull was taken to some big bassboat, drag and circle races and with Jim's Injected Big Block or his Blown Big Block Chevy for power and set, "bassboat" records!

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    This one had the long pointy nose and the upholstered engine cover stuck way above the deck. The front was flat floor bass boat with lockers and a spot for the seat. I gotta find it and take pics.

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    Laser Boats from the DFW area built a gullwing bass boat hull called an LTV. They used that same bottom on a covered deck ski boat version also. They ran a few of those in the Mod VP ranks a few years back.All I've ever seen have been outboard powered. I've worked on several of those old Apollo bass hulls. They are more a tri-hull design. Everyone I've had in here had an Olds engine and Berkeley pump.

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    Here's a photo of the Apollo Rescue Boat that the SDBA had in the 70's and early-early 80's.
    Photo was taken in Austin at the last Aqua Festival.

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