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Thread: chopper prop Q

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    .......does the OVER-the-prop exhaust outlet affect and pronounce cavatation problems.

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    I don't believe so, with tunnel boats, you have some cavitation because of the hull design, with V-bottom's running over the hub, there is no cavitation to my knowledge. If cavitation was a problem, you would have a lot more blow out at high speed then you see out there!

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    Thx HD - but my thought processes say that any time you inject air into the prop water-works that you can introduce cavation.......this is what is happening here with this chopper since the exhaust gases are being run through it. ...????

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    I would say yes an over the hub will cavitate more than a through hub.The amount of cavitation is minimal though.In a lot of cases the cavitation will help get the R's up when planing.

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    well i woul think that over the hub exhaust would cause more cavitation problems except if you were running above water exhaust

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    YES, over the hub will definatly cavatate more.
    Cavatation does not mean problem though.
    Choppers will cavatate more so than other props also, thus the name! http://free.***
    You may want to clarify what your looking to accomplish and avoid, to get a more accurate response here.
    We may not be sharing the same definition for cavatation. http://free.***

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    The Chopper (and any other overhub prop) is designed to ventalate when coming on plane. Normally these are very large pitch props and require this slip to get the engine into it's rpm range. Tunnel boats and Vee bottoms will both cavatate, it is the nature of the beast if you plan on running the over hub designs.

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