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Thread: can you guys give me some input???

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    about nice places for family life and boating around Austin, Texas?

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    You have probably heard of Lake Travis. It's on the Colorado River upstream from Austin. Below Travis dam is Lake Austin, it's pretty much just a dammed river with really nice waterfront houses. Lots of skiing and wakeboarding there.
    There are other lakes upstream from Travis, the entire system is called the "highland lakes". I would look at the smaller lakes and avoid Travis, it's the most dangerous lake in Texas for boating fatalities. Too much money, not enough brains.
    Austin is getting out of hand, traffic is bad and the real estate prices are nuts. Look outside of the area for a home.

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    Well howdy!
    We've been here for about 15 years now. Originally from
    Nor Cal. Really miss Santa Cruz, but anyway there's water in any direction for miles around Austin.
    Fishing camping and lots of BBQ. If you want, check this site out for more boating info.
    Texas boating http://www.texas*** A really cool group

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    On a typical weekend with low freeboard boats, you would want to be on the upper half of Travis which is really nice, this way you escape the madness of the lower half of the lake, lake Austin is too rough as well. Lake LBJ is also good. Lake Marble Falls is calm but rather small. The whole area is nice to live in. If you want to be away from the city but close to the lake, the hill country is great and there are many different things to choose from. Master planned communities to acreage sites. Lake front will run 400-500 grand to start. Housing probably starts at 200 grand away from the lake for a moderate 3bed2bath2car used home. There are also many lake community neighborhoods where you have convenient lake access, dock access maybe and some have small airports.
    Weekday boating is always nice everywhere from lake Austin through all of Travis and the rest of the Highland Lakes Chain.
    I live mid way between downtown Austin and the farthest ramp up lake Travis on the south side of the lake. It's about 20minutes to downtown and 40 minutes to that ramp for me.

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