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Thread: alumawood patio covers

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    Every once in a while I throw this add out here letting all ***boaters know that if they are in the need of a alumawood patio (solid, lattice, combination of both, or freestanding) that I will give you the cheapest price out there!
    will cover all southern cal areas, las vegas, and the havasu area!
    Ryan (951) 757-5770

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    What's the price per square foot?

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    Now you're talkin. Was considering doing it myself in about three times as long as it would take you, but, hell gimme a price. Do you price by square foot?
    I'm looking for approx 12 x 70'ish with the cool looking posts. Looks like wood and also a flat ceiling with beams to mount ceiling fans.

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    For you guys I will go $10.00 per square foot! Thats including tax, installation, everything out the door!
    If it is over 500 square feet like the one you are talking about the 12x70 that comes to 840 sqft. if its over 500 a sqft Ill go $9.50 a sqft!
    So for a 12x70= 840sqft x 9.5 = $7980.00 Ill give it to you for $7900.00 out the door plus Ill have my electrician install and wire your fans for free!
    (you buy the fans of course)
    Thats using only Amerimax alumawood product which gives you a 30 year warranty on the product and a lifetime warranty on my installation!
    I give free quotes and guarrantee you guys the best QUALITY work you will find, and the LOWEST PRICES!!!

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    Do you have any pictures of some of the installs you have done? Please post if so, as I would like to see some of the different designs.
    Also, if you have an existing slab, do you have to saw cut out sections for the footings?

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    Yes, pics would be nice as I am in the market.

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    Sounds fair. If ya can, PM me with a number. My outgoing PM's don't work.

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    Ill get some pictures on here tommorrow. Im computer iliterate, and will have my wife do it!
    as far as the concrete, we wont have to do anything! for alumawood you dont use footings thats only for wood patios or freestanding covers. so you are ok.
    I will definetly get some pictures on here though! Ive done work everywhere so you could always see my work in person if you choose!

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    Does the Alumawood come with a powdercoated finish, and if not what is it?

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