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Thread: Need a new alarm company

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    Tired of Brinks Have decided to go a different direction after 13 years want to know what is available and want to know about all of the bells and whistles.

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    al cole'holic
    ..depending on your location, give Sonitrol a try. Had them for a long time..

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    What area are you in?

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    South OC.

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    little rowe boat
    Try Mijac alarms they are monitored here in So Cal. Not back east somewhere.
    I had them install a system and they now monitor it. Great customer service.
    909 982-7612

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    Great thanks I had ADP out yesterday and it was the worst presentation I have ever seen " the $300 discount is only good until midnight "
    I said that I didn't realize that the parts went up overnignt. The guy did not know half of what his product would do it was a joke.

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    beach gomer
    Try The BMR Group in Corona ask for Mic or John 951-898-3939.Mic is the owner.

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    Try The BMR Group in Corona ask for Mic or John 951-898-3939.Mic is the owner.
    WHAT I'm not getting any more wire from you

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