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Thread: Boat sinks on lake Wallenpaupack

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    I was up at the lake over the weekend. On Saturday evening I was taking some pics of the sunsetting and I seen a bunch of people converging on the ramp about 1000' away. I figured they had to be looking at something other than the sunset. So I walked down there and seen this.
    I just missed it sinking. I was told it happened around 3 pm, I pulled my boat out about an hour earlier. They said the boat got swamped when they driver was on the transom working on the cables. It sat bobbing with the bow up for a few hrs before it got towed in. The salvage company charged him $1500. :jawdrop: to drag it up to the ramp from a 1/4 mile away. You would think their day couldn't get any worse and then cops locked up one of the guys for warrants.
    I almost forgot the sunset.

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    it doesnt look like its even a $1500 boat

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    it doesnt look like its even a $1,500 boat

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