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Thread: Rent in Orange county

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    I am looking @ moving to the Huntington Beach area. Anyone know of anything or where to look for homes to rent in that area, Looking for something were Ican bring my dog, 55lb boxer pit mix, around 1800.oo or less for prolly 6 months, If I like the area I will start looking @ buying but if not i dont wanna be stuck in a huge lease.

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    Check out craigslist.

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    Good news, bad news. You should be able to get a duplex with a yard for that money. The dificulty is the DOG!!!!!!!!!!!
    Renters may soon be unable to find a rental if they have ANY large dog, specifically Pits, etc. I have been a dog owner for years, but I am a landlord too.
    Two years ago my insurance company gave me written notice about a group of dogs that they clasified as not acceptable. A few months back my apartment owners assc. had an article addressing the same issue. Dogs day may be limited due to insurance restrictions. As always lawsuits are at the root of this.
    Good luck.

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    Just an FYI - In my area of HB (Goldenwest/Warner) I've seen houses rent for around $2,500.00 on the low end. I'll keep my eyes open for signs.

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    Check out craigslist.
    I check this site to see where rents are heading in different areas. It is a Craigslist Google Map mashup

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    Never knew about that site. Thanks.
    I check this site to see where rents are heading in different areas. It is a Craigslist Google Map mashup

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    WOW yeah I have found a few around the 2100.oo price, My house here was built in 2006 1874sq foot, etc etc, mortgage is only just over 975$ I dont get it and tat is a homes only area started in 2001. And on the dog she is registered as a boxer but she is more pit, her doggy doctor put it that way for us on her reg though...

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    A little more then I am looking for but if this is only 3100.oo, i should be able to find something for the 2k price...

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    Ivan Dan
    If I can help out let me know!
    Shoot me an e-mail address and I will send you whats available on the MLS.

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    1800? Man you can barely get a one bedroom apartment for that, well unless you're not too particular about the area...

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