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Thread: Who's DONE for the year?

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    Boat Racer
    I was sitting around here feeling sorry for myself... Just wondered if anyone else has called it a year...
    No problem with the boat, just alot going on & the weather isn't what it was. CURRENT TEMP. at post 54 degrees!

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    You Te
    I'm not done,still good weather here in So. Cal.
    You Te

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    Tom Brown
    Good to hear, UT. Any chance of you finding your way to the water somewhere the middle of next month?
    I'm a little bunged up and I think you could help me shit my pants with that juice machine of yours.

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    I'm still in. I want to try to get out this coming weekend. I don't plan to fully winterize this year. I think a couple of mos is the longest I'll go without taking it out.

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    Just bust out the jackets. This is the best time of year to test. Great temps, not crowded lakes. I am hopefully hitting the water this weekend.

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    You Te
    Yes Tom,
    There is a chance. eek!
    You Te

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    good boatin all year round here in south florida

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    I've been done for about a month and a half now...but that's mostly because my motor is dead. cry

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    never done for the year.only time i am not boating is when i am having mechanical problems.the not so popular times of the year are better if you have a heavy foot and a fast a 18 mirage it sucks slowing down for wakeboard boat wakes.i like a 90 mph cruise speed.

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    Not done yet....couple more trips already planned...and after that we will still probably drop the boat in around late Nov early need to winterize...

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