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Thread: Ocotillo reported by Kcal9

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    2 Injured In Off-Road Accident Near Salton Sea
    Incident Involved Vehicle Packed With 15 People
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    Two people were critically injured in an off-road accident near the Salton Sea, authorities said Wednesday.
    The accident near Bradshaw Trail and Gasoline Road, which involved a four-wheel-drive vehicle packed with 15 people, was reported about 10 p.m. Tuesday night, according to Lori Windsor of the county fire department.
    The two most seriously injured people were airlifted to hospitals, but their names and conditions were unavailable Wednesday morning, Windsor said. A third person suffered lesser injures, she said.
    About a dozen people ran from the crash site when authorities, including Border Patrol agents, arrived at the scene, Windsor said.

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    Sounds like shipment of wetbacks.

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    Sounds like shipment of wetbacks.

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    Just so everyone knows, I was not there, I did not aid in any injuries or medical assistance,this is just what i read on the Internet news site. I am not looking for sympathy, or recognition.
    I hope I don't get bashed by BW or others.
    (spell checked 8/15/2007 11:55 A.M.)

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