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    I'm in the process of rebuilding a Merc 150 XS for a '72 16 foot Allison. I've found a couple of strange things on this motor and hope someone can help me out. It has an aluminum flywheel and the lower unit looks stock except that the water intake holes are on the bottom of the bulb about half way back from the nose. Other than that everything else looks stock. Is it possible these are factory mods?

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    If there are four holes at the front bottom portion of the bullett it's probsbly a CLE lower unit that was added.The aluminum fly wheel sounds like it was added too.

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    Thanks for the info. I bought it used and it looks like the top piston is burned. Should be a fun project!

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    First off, a CLE won't fit the old I-6 motors, so that's not it. How many holes are there? They made two LU's for the 150XS's, a 2 hole and a 3 hole. The 3-hole is less desireable due to it being more prone to crack around those holes.

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    Figures, I have three holes on each side of the skeg. Here's the boat it's going on. Never mind, how in the hell do you enter a web address for an image located on your hard drive?

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    You'll have to upload the pic to the gallery first, then like to it there.

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    sorry dog
    I bought it used and it looks like the top piston is burned. Take a close look at the fuel pump as that is often the cause of a burnt #1. Cool motor though- I'd like to trade my 1500 off for an XS.

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    Thanks for the tip I can't wait to see what it does to my ride.

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