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    TUNNEL T 20.2
    cp how's that thing run ! i know how it runr with a big bad chev ,but that screaming little 2.5 looks right at home ! TUNNEL T

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    Forkin' Crazy
    Hey, that looks like an old Youngblood TX 19. Do I win the prize?
    Nice looking boat. Was that one make in OK? Last I heard there were a set of molds up there.
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    Not my boat, but bad ass. It is a tx-19. Found it on the net. I bet it hauls. [img]http://www.***[/img]

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    Dan Hunter's TX 19
    It's a TX19 Youngblood, a boat normally associated with jet drives. I've got a 225 Merc Pro Max, monitored with Gaffrig gauges, spins a 26 Trophy Plus. The engine hangs from the transom on a CMC manual setback plate and a Stainless Marine hydraulic jack plate. Steering is a Sea Star Pro unit. Most of the billet comes from Rex Marine though the flush safety cleats are another Stainless Marine product. The trailer has been heavily modified, cutting 18" off the back and two cross members moved forward to correct the trailers CG. Also, the removable tongue (not pictured) has had a winch/pedestal attached to handle the steep ramps on Keystone Lake, OK.
    This is the info with the ad

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    Forkin' Crazy
    My deck kinda looks like that one too, if you look close. TX18

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    Boat Racer
    Forkin', what's that ride of yours? It looks light, and tell me about the motor, is it the 2.6?

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    Forkin' Crazy
    Boat Racer:
    Forkin', what's that ride of yours? It looks light, and tell me about the motor, is it the 2.6? Sorry for the late reply. Been workin' from can to can't! It is a Youngblood TX 18. It was rumored to weigh 350 # when new, bare hull. I am figuring 400 # now. Repairs and all..... Too thin, and too old. I have something else in the works....looks something like yours!
    BTW Nice boat!

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    I have a dumb question. Do they still make your Youngblood hull? I thought it would be trick to find a hull that would take dual outboards just to build something trick and diffrent? Is there a website for Youngblood?
    WW eek!
    Forkin' Crazy:
    My deck kinda looks like that one too, if you look close. TX18

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    Forkin' Crazy
    Well Jim Youngblood doesn't make the TX 18 anymore, although he is working on a 20' model.
    I think California Performance is making one. Not sure on the size, though. There were only two TX pickleforks, the 18 and the 20.
    I think there was some one on the east coast at one time that was making a spash, but that was several years ago.

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