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Thread: Anybody ever win anything.....?

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    In my life ...Iv'e won a TV......and a Stihl chainsaw......What have you won?..

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    A CD and some Dodger tickets by calling into KROQ.

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    A shorty wetsuit by Skiwarm from a waterski mag. woo hoo! I've lost at everything else in life.

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    I won a pretty wife,

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    fat rat
    $50 bucks in bar bingo..........$5 bucks on a lotto..........besides that nothin, waiting on my ship to come in.

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    fat rat
    Oh and I won my wife a stuffed animal at the carnival once.

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    $1000 on a royal flush at the Blue Water
    Some records off KISW in Seattle when I was in high school.
    I won the right to remain silent once or twice.

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    A Blue Cheer Album, Paternity Suit, Rubber Chicken, Hybrid 3 Iron, 2 bottles of cheap wine, Imitation Rolex, Gift certificate for a pizza, tube of butt paste and a Lap Dance at Crazy Horse II in Vegas.

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    concert tickets-AC/DC
    movie tickets- Eraser
    t-shirt & hat- KCAL FM
    huge jar of jelly beans- closest guess to how many were in the jar won it.. i guessed it on the money...uh beans.
    thats about it.

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