Im selling a brand new K40-2000 & LD5500 radar detector. This retails for $1500. I bought it and never installed it in my vehicle. $800 for both units
Thanks, Marc (818)445-6715
Detects 360' degree X, K and Ka, and Super-wide Ka Band.
Sonar Radar, Radar Locator.
Visual Alerts.
Audio/Visual alerts increase in urgency the closer radar/laser is.
Volume control.
On/Off Switch.
City / Highway mode.
One-Year Ticket Rebate Program.
One-Year Manufacturer Warrantee.
(Optional) Laser Detection.
(Optional) Laser Jamming.
Full Radar and Laser Coverage : detects all FCC allocated police frequencies including - X, K, Ka Superwide, and Laser (When used with the Laser DefuserPlus)
VG-2 shielded : Active shielding allows you to drive with complete confidence. K40 shields your system from police detection and automatically shuts down in the presence of police utilizing the VG-2 gun (radar detector detector).
Pulse Protection : Instantly alerts you to police “instant on” radar with an urgent high pitched beep accompanied by a rapid flashing of indicator light.
Auto Mute : Audibly alerts driver for several seconds then automatically switches to a quiet clicking to reduce unwanted sounds.
Filter Adjustment Control : Reduces non-police signals, without sacrificing performance to true police radar.
Alert Override : Prioritizes incoming signals and alerts you to the most urgent threat. So even when the air is cluttered with signals K40 remains on total top alert for police radar.
Linear Geiger Mode : Clicking sound that intensifies as you get closer to the source, and diminishes as the threat recedes.