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    Not So Fast
    Are there no baseball fans on here, more to the point any D-BACK fans Brandon Webb just threw his second complete shutout against the Braves tonite and he deserves every accolade bestowed on him, just a perfect model of talent and humility !!! For this young team to be at least 3 games up depending on what the Padres do, is more than anyone expected, and what about C.Y. hittin 2 taters and the the Sheriff going into the record book with a 453 ft bomb, yowsur, go gettum boys. NSF

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    them boys are dialed in right now. chris young is hitting the shit outta the ball too

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    The Doctor
    Lots of baseball left to be played. I'm not sure the Diamondbacks have the pitching down the stretch.
    Is this an echo from a couple years back? It was hitting back them but the story line sounds the same?
    Go D-Backs!

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    Keith E. Sayre
    Obviously a great talent and one to be admired but like
    the boss said, what about the humility and it seems that
    he does it because he really enjoys it still. Pitching wins
    the pennants and the series, thinking back, I remember
    a little while ago, with the big unit and the big guy now
    on the east coast pitching us to a world series. Who did
    we get for them in trade????? just wondering. Who'd we
    get for Finley? and for Gonzo?
    Back to the subject at hand, I think Webb is one of the
    best of his generation of pitchers and I think we should
    be grateful that he's such a great guy too!
    Keith Sayre

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    Webb is on a 41 inning shutout and a 3 game shutout as well. Starting Pitching and the pen are the best they have been in about 3 years. It is nice to see that the bats are hotter than ever.

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    According to you are correct John.

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    Angels gave up a 3 run lead in the 8th and came back to score 3 runs off Gagne in the 9th to beat Boston. KRod gets blown save and win.

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    I stand corrected. I though I heard 41 tonight.

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    Not So Fast
    Well, since the Padres have won two straight NL Wests, I'm guessing I was right. The DBacks are doing it with mirrors, they just don't have a lot of pitching. They're hitting the cover off the ball, but that can always end at anytime. Good pitching never goes away for long.
    Geeze, Mr Negative, let us fans enjoy huh? This was a young team that was going to be just competitive this year remember so to be 4 up is a pleasant surprise! Sometimes it's just fun to watch and throw out the humbug theories ya know. Maybe they wont be there in the end but so what, they have been exciting lately!! NSF

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    First off I'm a halos fan and I bleed Angel red. But I have to hand it to the Dback's. They are definately a young team but I wouldn't be suprised to see them make a decent stab at a penent this year. 3rd best record in the MLB. Perhaps it's the new uni's. Webb is dealing. Nobody can knock him for that. Sure there's a lot of baseball left but all the teams hammering strong before the All-Star break are now watching the wheels fall off and clawing back for position. Dbacks performance has been fairly steady for the past few months.
    Oh and a quick thanks Gagne for that bitchen appearance last night. We couldn't have done it without you.

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