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Thread: GPS instalation

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    Should I hook it up to the a full time battery source so it doesn't have to regenerate every time I turn the key on, does it make any differance?
    Also the directions says the receiver will read through fiberglass, I'm going to put it outside, but will it read through the Bimini top? Are there any other things I should know about? It also has a recall switch.

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    I would recommend that you have a toggle switch to turn it on with.
    The boot up time is not a big deal. You also want a recall pushbutton.
    I've mounted them outside and inside and it worked the same so I went with inside. I just bent up a piece of aluminum and mounted it to the bulkhead in front of your feet and put velcro on the bottom of the receiver to stick it on there.

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    It takes mine under 30 secconds to triangulate itself after I start the boat. Why I would be in a bigger hurry, I can't imagine.
    I suppose if you wanted to put the battery on a charger every week or so when at home from the current draw pulling it down, it would help make you do that.:idea:
    Nordskog Digital GPS Speedo (also functions as a compass, tach, and voltmeter).
    Mine reads just fine thru my jewel-flake gel-covered dash, and windshield, so I mounted the antanae underneath. The bimini top is even less interest.

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    Thanks for the info. Jim

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