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Thread: 1 Man Boat Flip

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    Here's how I flipped my 76 Sleekcraft Aristocrat by myself,
    Yes by Myself.
    I only had the help of a 4 year old daughter saying "Whatch Ya Doin?"
    and a 8 year old son who desperately wanted to help, but I had to tell him to
    stay clear just to be on the safe side.
    I Started off by building this contraption for lifting the bow of the boat
    out of scrap pipe and plate I had laying in the shed. (good thing I'm a packrat)
    I didn't trust hanging the whole thing on it's side from only the bow eye
    and wanted more support.
    I built a Lifting Eye inside the garage hanging off of the header for the
    garage door and connected a come along with a strap around the pump
    housing to lift the back of the boat.
    The straps where made from an old ratcheting tie down that I cut up and
    sewed together on my upholstery machine.
    On the front of the boat I used a cherry picker that I built many years ago
    I lifted the boat high enough to clear the fenders on the trailer,
    Then pulled the front over so the trailer could be rolled out.
    With the trailer out of the way and sitting in the street
    I pushed the cherry picker back and lined up the boat in the driveway
    Then I started to roll her over,
    With just a little effort the whole thing rotated in the slings
    Here it is on it's side.
    What a beat up mess, I've got my work cut out for me.
    With just a little pulling on the lower side the boat rolled around upside down.
    It did want to roll back to sideways on it's own (notice the 4 yr olds
    scooter to hold it level)
    Slowly I lowered the boat onto the supports and removed all of the
    Now the work begins,
    BluePrint the bottom
    I'll update as it happens.
    Many thanks to Squirtcha (http://www.*** for the ideas to make this happen.

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    how are you gonna close your garage door?

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    I was thinking the same thing.....

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    how are you gonna close your garage door?
    Ummmm, you keep anything good in your garage? Tools? Golf Clubs?
    Whats your exact address???
    Nice flip!

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    Ummmm, you keep anything good in your garage? Tools? Golf Clubs?
    Whats your exact address???
    Nice flip!
    I guess I was going to ask the same questions, but ya'all beat me to it. A rolling dolly with locking casters would come in handy now. That is a slick method for doing it by yourself.

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    Not a great pic!! I used two appliance carts, screwed down two saw horses and a 2x8 to attach it all together. It made the job much easier.

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    how are you gonna close your garage door?
    I was wondering when anyone was going to ask this question.
    Believe it or not I measured everything to make sure the door would
    close when I was done with the flip.
    Just pulled the bowl off and the shaft clears the door by 1/2 inch.
    When I started I realized it was going to be tight, and decided to go ahead,
    If it wouldn't clear I could always put it on wheels and roll it out.

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    Ummmm, you keep anything good in your garage? Tools? Golf Clubs?
    Just my----
    27' Cougar MTR
    (I can dream right?)

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    Man.. great job!.. I was doing something similar in my driveway the other day ... MAN.. my neighbors gave me some DIRTY ass looks.. most of my neighbors are cool.. but there are a few that truely BELIEVE that they are better than doing something like that ( I try to be thoughful and do things while they are at work etc.).. Maybe next time I will just knock on their door and ask for donations to have the work completed at a shop!!! How does your neighborhood react to your "project"????

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    How does your neighborhood react to your "project"????
    I guess I'm really lucky, All my neighbors think It's really cool watching what
    I'm doing and come over all the time checking on my progress.
    They don't even mind the fiberglass dust flying everywhere and the primer gun
    shooting primer every other day.
    When I flipped the boat they were all huddled in there homes.
    That evening most came out and saw the boat upside down.
    Everyone of them came over and had to ask --- How did you do that?
    When I told them I did it by myself, none of them believed me and I
    had to show them the pictures to prove it.
    They didn't even mind when I had the new 455 running on the garage floor
    several months ago making all kinds of noise and loving it.
    Here's a video of it.
    455 Olds (
    Yes, the garage is a mess, man I'm a pig.

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