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Thread: Some things never change.........

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    Rex Grossman! Good ol' Rexxie!
    3 fumbles and 1 INT.
    Go Bears.........go out and find another QB!

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    I'll agree. I'm a huge Gators fan, but Rex has been struggling. I also hate the Bears, so whatever.

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    It's baffling to me how anybody in their right mind could pick Grossman over Brian Griese. Heck, Griese's not the best QB in the world, but he's a significant upgrade over the human turnover that is Rex Grossman. If I were the Bears and only had Grossman to choose from, I'd punt on first down every time and hope I outscored the other team on defense.
    Well the west coast offense was startling to some when first introduced. You might be on to something........ The Rex coast offense!

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    Keep fumbling Rex.

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    Now, they're comparing him to Peyton Manning.
    What was that stat I heard he does better than Peyton? Oh yeah, turnovers....
    I overheard the commentators saying something but couldn't hear what it was.

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    I didn't really catch it all, I was too stunned and my hearing shut off.
    The thing they didn't mention is that the Colts were absolutely horrible when Peyton joined them. The Bears were a playoff team when Grossman started played. Hell, Orton was 10-5 as a rookie with them.
    Where did that moron go?
    Is it just me, or do all the worthy QB's seem to be dissapearing.
    Grossman has a job, and Jake is retired(?) I would pay $10 to Rex's $1 to get even Jake the mistake instead of Grossman.

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    Orton? He's still a Bear, 3rd string. He's playing now. Jake's rights are owned by Tampa Bay, even though he's "retired." I think he's waiting to be released so that he can sign somewhere else as a free agent.
    I guess if I was watching and not listening I would be seeing Orton playing right about now?!

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