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Thread: Summer Special For Hot Boaters

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    As some of you have known I recently relocated and started a business in Havasu and have met some really cool people on Hot Boat. It seems that I am still running into people that have missed my previous posts about the products offered and had no idea about what todays technology can do for you. So Once again I have some more specials that I am throwing out. Please note the prices reflected are for Hot Boaters only. If anyone has any questions please feel free to call.

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    this doesnt really have anything to do with the security stuff, but do you do work in Parker? we have been needing to get directTV put in the rest of the house. and I noticed you have directTV on your flyer.

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    I cover from Kingman / Laughlin south to Blythe.
    Let me know what you need and we can get it done.

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    PM Sent

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