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Thread: Any suggestions on which dsl company to go with??

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    My co-worker needs to start an account that will be reasonable and give her a wireless router.....
    Any suggestions??
    I have At&t but they don't give out the wireless routers for free anymore.......

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    I have AT&T also and got a free wireless router to replace my original non-wireless router.
    If you ask they may relent just to get the account.

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    We have SBC. No issues yet

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    We have SBC. No issues yetmy sbc became at&t but email still uses sbc's server name.
    Its been fairly reliable, a few times it's gone down but never for more than 5 or 10 minutes. I'm in a pretty old neighborhood too so much of the infastructure is rather dated.

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    check out
    I use them at home. Great service. Great Price. Any speed you want.

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    Verizon FIOS if it's available. Same price, way faster.
    Second that motion.

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