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Thread: Great, now the lake lice and idiots at the dunes......

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    only have to buy one peice of equipment

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    So when you getting yours?

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    kool, we will not have to wait for these guys at the ramp anymore... wait till they bring em to havi and start drivin iup on a couple spots in a cove and put a hole in the bottom... they will be landlocked and we will have something to burn in the cold winter...

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    As much as I hate "AND I MEAN HATE" lake lice.....that is a cool...

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    You should see the other Car and Suvs they make that can drive straight into water. Mass Produced, very cool. One looks like a hummer and another looks like a Maza car. I can't remember the name of the company

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    Looks fun. Go offroading and when you get HOT take it to the lake.

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    So these are in production in or for the U.S.?

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    I see a Rhino version coming soon One good rock to the bottom of that and down she goes.

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    How fast we forget are roots PAPAG

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    Won't be long before there are long travel kits and roll cages for it...

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