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Thread: Leaky logs?

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    Hey folks, just bought my first boat at the beginning of this season. "Man! is my family hooked". Im at the river or the lake damn near every other weekend and we still cant seem to get enough. Well now that the season is getting close to an end Im coming up with ideas to increase the performance of my boat. One problem I am having is that I replaced the gaskets on my elelbrock logs in June and I have already burnt through the gasket and leaking exhaust. Is the log possibly warped or do I need to use a wet style gasket to solve this problem. The headers are individually spaced instead of a uni-body design at the attachment point, and Im not so keen on that idea. Alot of the replacement logs I have looked at are of the one piece design, seems to me it would be stronger with less chance for leakage. Anybody got any ideas would be appeciated.

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    haulin hallett
    i just changed from wet bassett twisty headers to wet logs on my 460 and had the same problem..
    do you have a ford?
    i know of 1 problem is most of the gaskets are for regular 460 heads if you have cobra jet heads the ports are diffrent on the gaskets but not the logs and it will blow the gaskets.
    if you use high temp silicon instead of a gasket it works great!
    or if you wanna run over transom twisty headers and have a ford i have a set for sale including all the water injection lines?
    try the silicon i know it sounds diffrent but works great! i have not had a bit of problem yet... i did the same on my last boat and never had a problem

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    No its got a Chevy 454 but the idea sounds pretty good. Id like to go over the transom but the whole "daddy, my ear drums are beeding again", would get old. Actually the engine cover design also forces me to stick with the logs.

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    have the logs milled straight, then use mrgasket ultra seal header gaskets on em with a tab bit of the high temp red around the ports

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    He doesnt know jets but he suggested similar advise, THANKS.

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    I have a 455 with logs, I used Mr Gasket header gaskets with a little Permatex Ultra Copper. I also used the Permatex on the round gaskets between the log and snail shell. Haven't had em leak in the 3 years I've had it

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