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Thread: Disneyland Ditches Rides

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    Wet Dream
    I remember 8 of these vividly. I haven't been there in 17 years, but remember so many parts to Disney.
    Ok, so if you have MSN as a homepage, you've seen this, for those that don't...
    Disneyland Ditches Rides (

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    MRS HERE.........of all the things in that article..........i remember loving the treehouse!!!!! It is now home to Disneys Tarzan!!!!

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    Mrs. 20
    They have the family tree house in Florida still. Also, they still have the Carousel of Progress. My kids actually know all the words to "It's a great Big Beautiful Tomorrow."

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    Great moments with Mr. Lincoln ......... gone?:jawdrop: I think most people
    didn't even know it was there!! Great to see if you liked history.

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    Good link, thanks...
    I'm almost 49; and remember very clearly the first time I saw the Mr. Lincoln attraction. It was the talk of all So. Cal, and my folks took us to Disneyland just to see that show. That dude looked real up there on that stage.
    It was a cool day.
    Strangely, growing up down there I also remember well when the helicopters Disney used to move people from wherever to Disneyland crashed. I think it happened twice before they grounded them. Scared the crap out of me as a little kid; I just couldn't beleive that something associated with a place/feeling so special to me was falling out of the sky and killing people.

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    I say junk the whole park. I am sick of fixing all the old junk that they call rides. I know I should not bitch it keeps gas in the boat.

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    Mrs. Bordsmnj
    I liked the Inner Space travel one where you were shrunk to molecule size. And America Sings, we used to go there when we were hot and tired. It was nice and cool in there. Pop goes the weasel! lol

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    Miss Perfect
    I used to love the Country Bears when I was a kid. I wasn't so hot on the Mr. Lincoln thing though.....and we always had to go and see it.

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    MRS HERE.........of all the things in that article..........i remember loving the treehouse!!!!! It is now home to Disneys Tarzan!!!!
    I love the tree house. I took my niece to Disneyland about 10 years ago and i volunteered to go up in the tree house. I wanted to stay up there all day.

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    No tree house??? No rocket to mars??? What the hell am I gonna do with all these E tickets???

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