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Thread: The Girls Next Door

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    Wet Dream
    Ok, so they're hot, young and most of their body parts have not recognized that gravity exists. But damn, they're not any brighter than a box of rocks.
    We happened to stumble on this, but I can't change it.

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    My girl always watches this show lameeee

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    Baja Big Dog
    Some ones gotta say it....pic's.....but only if they are over 18!!!

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    My wife watches that show...I too find that i can't walk away....Pisses me off cause they are so stupid but so damn hottt....I don't like watching it though..its like dangling a prize in front of you that you know you can't reach.

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    I love the scenes where they are in Hef's room to watch tv on those prehistoric big screens. The old exposed RGB guns into the clam shell. That house needs some major updating.
    The blonds are hot.

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    Wet Dream
    Some ones gotta say it....pic's.....but only if they are over 18!!!
    Heres a link. I hereby certify that all letters in this link are indeed over 18.
    Box OF Rocks TV (

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    Car 5
    I was at the Playboy mansion a few weeks ago for a Playboy party and got to meet the girls. They were MUCH hotter in person and did not seem dumb at all. Made me think it was an act for the show.

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    River Lynchmob
    They are all about as sharp as a marble.

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    They are far from hot, take off their make-up and they would break the mirror and they are stupid to boot

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    yep... you know they are going to have a hard life.
    Yeah, these girls are homely as all get out.

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