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Thread: Gift Ideas please

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    One of my employees just passed the US citizenship exam. Had the ceremony today.
    He's been with me for almost 15 years. He's a recovering Mexican, 43, has two younger kids, and three older ones. One of whom is now on active duty in Afghanistan as a rooftop gunner. (He worked for us too for a while, but the Army is going to pay for his college when he gets back).
    He's the best worker you could hope for and I'd gladly trade a thousand lazy gringos for this guy.
    I am having trouble coming up with a good gift idea? Besides a flag I mean.... :idea: :idea: I'd like to do something nice for my hermano moreno. He was the first to call me Mandelon.... LOL

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    Gift card to a nice restaurant so he can take his family to.

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    Tom Brown
    Hire him a few illegals to spend a day grooming his yard and doing his house work.

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    An american flag of course and a W2 form

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    How about a weekend vacation for two like to pismo beach or somewhere over looking the ocean.

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    A 3 day Mexican cruise?

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    take him to the gun shop and let him pick out a pistol. "right to bear arms"

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    A framed copy of his citizenship papers to hang on his wall

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    He would probably want to do something nice for HIS family to show his pride.

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    I thought of another one...Give him Labor Day off
    Or a Visa G/C to replace his work Visa

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