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Thread: EBAY fraud payback WOOHOO!!!!!

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    So my buddy just calls me from the airport in Atlanta.
    The story goes like this. He buys an item on ebay. Distress sale, my fiancee left me. I'm sellin my stuff and goin to Iraq, cause I joined the Air Force. HI dollar items and he bids on it and wins. several thousand dollars. There is an urgency to the sale and a few weird circumstances.
    Pay pal account is still messed up, I'm shipping out, send bank check right away. I say "DONT DO IT".
    He does it anyway cause he's a trusting guy and doesn't want bad feed back.
    The thing takes a few weird turns and he stops payment on the check. He tells them he sent it to the wrong place and needs to re issue it. But the crook takes it to the bank and they have to cash it.
    He calls the cops in Ohio and they actually are going to do something about it. :sqeyes: THey go to this punks house and he says he's having it cleaned. Then he says he sent it. THen he sends a cheap item that he claims was it.
    Cops in Ohio are pressing him that he will have to go there to testify. We live in SO Cal. He says no problem. THen there was a hi profile murder case there a couple of months ago and his deal gets shelved. There is like 10 cops in the whole precinct.
    So he gets a call a coouple of weeks ago and they say they're back on it. He says do it. They go to his house and drag him screaming and crying in front of his mom and lock him up.
    He meets the detective today and is early so he gets the tour of the dept. CSI is a room with a table. Detective says we're kind of Barney Fife here. Not like the big cities but we get things done. So nobody thought he would show up at the trial, and they go look at the holding room where the kid his mom and attorney are and they're sitting around chatting like nothing is happening. Detective goes inside and says the plaintiff is here. HE said the kid put his head between his knees and almost threw up. Mom starts ballin her eyes out. Attorney drops his jaw that this guy flew there from LA and gets up to plead it out. It goes before the judge, Guilty, 2 counts, federal felonies, mail fraud or something. Sentencing in 2 weeks.
    So he's in the air as I type, Has to be at work at 6 AM in hollywood Fri morning.
    Moral? I guess you just don't really ever know who you're F*&$ing with!

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    good for him, sometimes its really not about the money but the principle of it all.

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    good for him, sometimes its really not about the money but the principle of it all.
    YA I told him now the memory isn't "the time he got screwed", but time flew across the country to kick some punk ass!

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    Baja Big Dog
    Hopfully this douche is over 18.....

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    Hopfully this douche is over 18.....
    Just barely.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    Good for your buddy for following through and teaching this kid a hard lesson in life.

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    now if we could just get all the news networks to pick up on this story, maybe a few others will not do this type of shit.

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    Baja Big Dog
    now if we could just get all the news networks to pick up on this story, maybe a few others will not do this type of shit.
    No we need more LE agency's to get involved with these dirt bags, they don't care to get involved with most of the Ebay issues....

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    Man, I like that story! Makes me feel warm all over.

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    I love it!!! I got jacked on ebay a couple of years took me about 3 months to get all but $30 of my money back. Throughout the whole deal, PayPal was NO freegin help at all and I had to keep convincing Ebay to keep the case open. These idiots need to be made examples of.

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