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Thread: Had to have it

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    Now I need some info and history from the gurus.
    Any info would be very helpfull, weight, stringers, engine, who layed it up back in the day, anything you could contribute will be appreciated.
    1987 Carrera 205 elite.
    Indmar 454 chevy.
    Berkeley jg pump.
    Nine colors in the gelcoat, supposably the only one with these colors.
    Thanks for any input.

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    nice ride.

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    Nice boat! I have a '85 Eliminator 21' Mojave that is very close to what you are showing here. I can tell you that it came with an Indmar 454 LS6 motor - 4 bolt main, forged pistons, steel forged crank, 990 rectangular port heads estimated at I believe 340 horsepower. The Berk JG pump is probably turning an A impellor. Hope that this info is some help. Don't know anything about the hull.

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    What about the Sidewinder? Isn't that what you had?

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    Still got it. Fresh rebuilt, new wireing, just needs a little cosmetic work.

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    my bro has the same hull, its an omega though. Nice boat. Different lines, especially the bow. His has the panther pump though...

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    BGP, im happy for you that you got that's very nice and you'll love the way it cruises.........we had a Commander that had the exact same lines with an open bow went 53-55 mph, it was cool !!

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    Took it out yesterday for the maiden voyage. Runs very good, handles great (it turns on a dime), and it is very smooth through the water.
    Need to get a cable for the diverter, that should make it even better.
    I may change my name to Happy Boy.

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    Im going to miss taking that out, it was a fun jetboat that was still somewhat comfortable. Im not real sure what was wrong with the diverter but it will go up just not while the jet is pumping alot of pressure but the boat is big enough you can raise the diverter and take off then feather the gas to get it on plane and it shoots a pretty good rooster tail. Make sure you get that seat bolted back in good to.
    Did you guys take it to Deer Creek to test it? If you did was the water still extremely low?
    Did Mike fix the trailer and do the tires? Last I talked to him he was thinking about doing it.

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    I like the deisgn on the Bow! Looks like mine Thats a great ride, best of both worlds. Hres a pic of my gel:

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