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Thread: Jet boats on Lake Tahoe?

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    MY friends are telling me that I can't have my jet on Tahoe, I think that is BS, but can't find an answer either way. Anyone KNOW for sure. I am through transom on the exhaust....

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    yes, you can have a jet boat on Tahoe. Is it a wise choice, not at all. The chop at Tahoe can kick up in a very short period of time. If you're in the wrong place there's a good chance you'll be swimming while your boat is heading towards the bottom.
    With the money you'll save towing it up there you're better off just renting a boat for a day.

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    There is no way I would put my boat on that lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So what kind of boats do you have? Is the lake worse than the ocean?

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    Last time I was up there I rented a 21ft I/O and got the shit beat out of me on the middle of lake. If you stay near the shore you maybe ok, but I wouldnt chance it.

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    It can become an ocean in a blink of the eye. A friend was up there two weeks ago in a 23' jet and he was swallowing his gonads trying to get to shore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My wife's parents lived there for 12 years or so, all of the 90's until 2002. They had a place near the Keys and had a dock so it was great for us. We'd take our little restored '65 16' Tahiti there every summer and cruise the lake, and once every trip do the complete loop of the lake, 71 miles round trip I think.
    Only one time it got really rough on us to where Lori was kinda (very) scared and that was by Emerald Bay. I don't think I'd ever been in water that rough. Wind kicked up big time and for a while we couldn't see anything in any direction but swells coming at us. It got my attention, and it took quite a while for the seat cushion to drop from my clenched cheeks.
    But it's like boating anywhere else, you have to learn the water. I'm always much more nervous about the big boulders and rocks just under the water up by the North shore than the wind. It's not the size of the boat that matters one bit, it's the driver. In fact I think bigger boats makes it worse because it gives the driver a false sense of security. If it's rough out, it's rough. And you shouldn't go out in it. 50, 60, 70 years ago all they were running up there was small, planked, direct drive, flathead powered wood boats and they did just fine...til they sank in the rough stuff. lol
    Cool lake and you get to see some amazing homes from the water that you can never see from the streets.

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    I just got back from staying in the keys I took a 22 pontoon and my buddies mastercraft 21 . best trip ever . glass in the morning and a little rough in the afternoon . Dont rent . Take your boat and have fun!

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    I have lived up in tahoe since june and haven't taken my jet out on that lake. The lake is beautiful but at any second the wind will kick up and it gets real nasty quick. I have been going to lake lahatan wich is about an hour east of tahoe on hwy 50. Its a nice lake seen quit a few jet boats out there.

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