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Thread: If you won the lotto...

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    Lets say 300,000,000.00 is what you won you would take home 60% or 180 mil would you live modestly and never work again or live it up and buy alot of shit for yourself, best friends/ family and never work again.
    i have a 4 page essay due on this topic help a brother out.
    off topic but if you could pick any 2 boats to own what would they be? including accessories/ power rigging. only stipulations would be they have to be less then 50 ft.

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    I'd keep working at my current job. Just not very much.

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    Any big diesel powered cruiser for the ocean and a 28 Bullet with a big motor for the river.

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    I would buy every second of air time for the superbowl and throw a kickass superbowl party that is televiesd and played during every commercial break and half time, all ***boat brothers and sisters would be invited I would take work off monday to recover and then go on about my life the way it is.

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    If I hit the loto, I would definitely buy a bunch of property. Probably purchase 5-6 large commercial buildings and throw enough down that they would be positive from the start. Have them paid off in 10-20 years. Hopefully be receiving a VERY nice steady income after that. Probably buy a house in Parker and a nice house somewhere in O.C. After that, it would be on a case by case basis.
    One thing that I would love to do is to pay for someone's college education who can't pay for it themselves. Some of my family members did it. They would pay for a student for 4 years of college 100% provided that they maintained a 3.5gpa and was going to school full time. They got to choose the students on the criteria that they felt was important. All that they asked from the students, was that if they were ever in the same position, financially, that they would do it for someone else. It worked!
    When it comes to the boats of my dreams, I would have one ocean boat and one lake boat. For the lake boat, I would have one of our DCM's with a 700+cid engine in it that is naturally aspirated and all under the hatch. V-drive with all of the best hardware on it.
    For the ocean, I would have a 50' Mystic with twin turbine engines in it.
    I think I stand a 100x better chance of getting hit by lightning! It is a dream though!!! I also don't think that I could ever justify having well over $1M in boats. That is why it would be a dream and not reality.

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    I would pay off every bill I, my family, and my wife's family owe, then make sure we never stress again....

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    I would pay off every bill I, my family, and my wife's family owe, then make sure we never see them again....
    I would give alot away...Plenty of charitys and orgs that could really put it to good use.
    Other then that, I would buy a small plot of land some where... 50-100 acres, and build a good sized( when I say build I mean with my 2 hands), but not over the top house. ( say 3k-3.5k sq ft) and a big ass shop/ barn. In the shop I would build a 60 ish foot long sail boat.

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    I would buy everybody on HB a tow rig like Magic 34's.

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    I would start a ***boat reality show.

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