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Thread: HOw to Add Horsepower TO 80' JOhnson Outboard

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    I just bought an old 16' runabout with an 80 hp johnson. It doesn't seem to put out even close to 80 hp. When I accelerate it, the throttle is extremely hard to move down and the boat accelerates very slow. Does anyone know how I can make the boat accelerate faster and make the throttle easier to push.

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    sounds worn out to me what year is it, sounds like it needs a rebuild, take a compression test
    any questions please email me at

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    You need a new throttle cable and your Delrin ring may be hanging under the flywheel and not letting your timing advance properly. If the motor has been sitting up you may also need a carb job.

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    Hayes, something has been bothering me, you say it is an older 80 hp. OMC only built an 80 around 1966 or 1967. If that is what you have, I would pull it off and get a newer motor because those 80's can be a nightmare. Hopefully what you have is an 85 hp or something a little newer, if you're not sure, get me a model # and I can tell you what it is.

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    it has been bothering me too hopefully you have an 88spl or else i would buy a new motor

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