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    Will this little mod help the perfomance of my boat?
    87 Carrera 205 elite
    454 chev, 360 Hp
    Berkeley jet
    Has a place diverter on it, but not one with the trap door that flips up and down for forward and reverse.
    The thing I am most interested in is if the droop snoot will help any.
    I also have a shoe and ride plate if that would help.
    Any input on how to improve my perfomance would be great.

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    You have a diverter on the boat now. I would try a droop on that boat. It helped my boat alot and it's bigger and heavier than the Carrera.

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    I'm Going To Pick One Up From Tom @ Jet Boat Performance. 805-466-4719. What Part Of Utah Are You From I Thought I Was The Only One On Here. I'm From Slc. And Usually End Up At Utah Lake.

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    A droop will help you a lot out of the hole. Not sure you will see any difference on the top end. Made huge gains on my boat which is similar to yours.

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    The reverse nozzle on the diverter now doesn't flip up out of the way in forward, it grabs the water as you drive. The one I want to put on flips up in forward, and back down in reverse. Plus it has a little more bling bling.
    I live in Delta, so Gunnison bend is about five miles from my home. Lake Powell, or Mead isn't really that far of a drive either. Nice to know there are a few Utah jet boaters around. We have a few down here in my neck of the woods.
    I think I will put the droop on and give it a try. Can't really hurt, and I can always take it back off.
    Thanks for all the input. If anyone else has ever tried a droop on a hull like this feel free to chime in. Any input is always appreciated.

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    Hey BGP, Ive got the same boat has a droop and place diverter, with diverter down it will plane instantly which is saying somthing for a big heavy cruiser. Just don't expect alot of top end without a big hp\impeller combo, I have close to 600 hp and on a good day can hit the mid 60's... but it will carry a huge load and ride well in all but the roughest water. Just don't go racing anyone

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    I would be happy to break into the 60's. Right now it GPS'd at 48mph, 4200 rpm, at 4685 ft. elevation, with two 20 gal. tanks full of gas, cooler full of beer, water skis and gear, four adults, and the place diverter all the way down due to a broken cable.
    Cable will be here minanna, then we will see what it will do.
    Hope with the droop snoot, and place diverter working to pick up a few mph.
    I think it will.:idea: I like to be optomistic.

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