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    Just wanted to thank Jason of Extreme Trucks for all his hard work and effort on my truck! This guy is awesome--he picks your truck up at work and leaves you with his, so you aren't stranded at work all day. His prices are great, he is a straight shooter, and he does good work!
    I just bought myself a 1987 GMC Jimmy and it needs some work done. He offered to take it to be smogged while he was working on it, and when it didn't pass (gross polluter :sqeyes: ) he had it fixed for a totally reasonable price and then had it retested (it passed).
    If you need stuff done to your truck, I would definitely give Jason a call at (949)215-9757. He will definitely go the extra mile for you!

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    Jason is a great guy, pretty much the Jay Photoglou of the aftermarket truck business.

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    Jason is the bomb. I bought almost all my truck stuff from Extreme and continue to buy Hot Sauce from him.
    Great guy to work with!

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    Jason of Extreme Trucks is Da Man You won't beat his prices and his service is outstanding. Give the Bro a call you won't regret it.

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