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Thread: Love Ride 24

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    For those who are interested....
    Preregistration is open. Greg Allman will be the headliner and the location has changed to the Fairplex. There will be flat track and drag racing on Friday and Saturday along with a variety of vendors who will be selling their merchandise.
    For more info check out and click on the links for California Bike Week and the Love Ride Foundation.

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    Here is the link to the new website and event

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    Cool event. I used to make the pins.

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    New venue this year, should be more for everyone. I think there are a few people from here that have made a difference in the event one way or another.

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    Why did the location change from Castaic to Pomona, did LA County Parks and Rec screw up another good gig.:idea:

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    So, looks like it will be a quiet day here in Castaic and wont see any broken down Harleys on the side of the road.

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    The Lake is always a great place for the event. However, with the racing and the event getting bigger each year, it seemed to be outgrowing the facility. Fairplex is a great place for this type of event with racing etc and plenty of parking.
    Should be a good time.

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