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Thread: 2 Trail-A-Bikes

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    Hardly used trail-a-bikes. $50.00 ea. paid $175.00 new. Intrested parties PM me please.

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    How the hell do you ride those???? :idea: :jawdrop: :sqeyes:

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    How the hell do you ride those???? :idea: :jawdrop: :sqeyes:
    You have to be a wheelie king
    The front part clamps onto the seat-post of another bike, turning it into a tandem.

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    These bikes are for budding riders (young kids). The front end clamps to the seat post of your bike. Great safe way of taking the kids on a longer than normal bike ride (they can stop peddling whenever they want) and you control where they go.

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    Perfect for the young family looking to exercise.

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    I Like the wheelie idea better!!!!!

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