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    Troy McClure
    No, he said "the two yoots"

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    Dave C
    whats a yout?

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    Oh I'm sorry YOUTHHHHHH'SSS
    The two Defendants

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    whats a yout?
    The Ute people came from the north to become the oldest residents of Colorado. They occupied Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. The climate and environment of this area was desolate and this led to the Utes being one of the final Native American groups to live without European interference. It is not known exactly when or why the Utes moved into the United States but evidence suggests that they arrived from along the Rocky Mountains. The Utes were surrounded by other Indian groups which affected where travelled to find food. Some of the groups that surrounded them were the Apache, Cheyenne, Navajo, and Bannock.
    The Utes formed into seven separate bands. Because food was scarce, the seven bands were then broken up into smaller family groups for the majority of the year. From spring to fall the groups would hunt, plant crops, and gather grasses and fruits for the winter months. In the winter the groups moved closer together in sheltered areas. The winter was more of a social time for the Utes and many of their marriages took place during these months. They also participated in the Bear Dance in the spring which is one of their most typical dances. The Utes way of life changed when the Spaniards colonized New Mexico. They now traded with the Spaniards and also began to acquire horses. The horses were so valuable to them that they even traded children for horses. With the horses, the Utes were now able to invade their enemies and to spread out farther to find food.
    The Utes are probably best known for their many traditional tribal dances, but the Sundance Ceremony is the dance that stands out as one of the most important events in the Ute tradition. Although the ceremony has changed some in the last century, the importance is still very strong. Some of the aspects of the dance include going without food and liquids for four days. During this time they would participate in the dancing. There were also some very powerful spiritual aspects of this ceremony. The dancer would reckon with the spiritual world and then according to his own private vision determine if the Great Spirit has given him the medicine power. Another force that the dancer had to reckon with is the fact they he was representing his family group and that although he did not have to share his medicine power with them they were still there supporting him. With the concept of the family participation, the Sundance Ceremony became a source of spiritual rejuvenation for the whole people.
    Anything else you want to know?

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    Troy McClure
    HA Ha, poor Fred... RIP... He never did shake that Munster persona, not really anyway.

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