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Thread: pool question

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    After having my pool done for 3 months I'm having trouble with alge. My chlorine & acid levels are fine . Called a buddy , he checked the phosphate level & it was way high . I treated it following the directions . It cleared up & 3 days later its high again.
    My water temp is around 84 & I had the water tested at a pool supply incase I was doing it wrong .What is causing this & how do I stop it ?

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    A nice Hot Boat pool party will clear it right up.

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    my pool guy is the best $80 a month I spend. I've had him since he came over to do the initial start up 2 years ago and I've never had any type of issue. I used to battle with an above ground spa, so I didn't even want to attemp a 40K gallon pool.

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    Describe the "algae" Is it black, green ? Is it floating or on the water or on the sides? In the sun or shade?

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    The algea is green & is on the sides . It's in the shade & sun . Theres not much ,but I can see it when I brush the pool.

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    Sorry , even though she's lost over 30 lbs ,she says no . Plus she says she a grandmother now , but damn I think shes hot

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    photo chick
    Sorry , even though she's lost over 30 lbs ,she says no . Plus she says she a grandmother now , but damn I think shes hot
    Tell her Grandma's are hot too!!!

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    Pools are simple to maintain once you get the system down.
    1) How much and what type of chlorine are you using?
    2) Do you shock?
    3) What type of filter do you have?
    4) How often do you back-wash or change the filter element?
    5) How often do you check your water chems?
    6) Plaster or pebble?
    7) Stabilizer level?
    My water is about 90* most of the summer and I don't have algea issues. I have a basic sand filter and no chlorinator. I just add a few tabs on a regular basis, shock after pool parties and storms, and backwash on a regular basis, dump the pool water once a year. That is it.
    I bet you over stabilized but I need more details.

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    This might be the problem... (
    A floater!!!!

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