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Thread: Trick 100 octane in 818, 805

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    plaster dave
    My cousin is selling it at his gas station in Simi Valley at the pump.
    The address is 1196 E. Los Angles ave. Simi Valley, Ca. 93065. The main cross streets are Los Angles ave. and First st. next to Lenny Dyksrta's. It is an Alliance Motor fuels. The current price is $ 5.99 a gallon.

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    dave No disrespect,
    but it is cheaper at Desoto and Vanowen by at least a dollar

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    plaster dave
    We went by there the other day and it was $5.79 damn he drop the price. But thanks for the feed back.

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    Don't worry, Kilr probably knows of at least four other places where it's at least $2.00/gallon cheaper and comes with a free blow job.
    Maybe he does,
    but Pixi's pool of fun will suck it to a lower price, RIGHT BOB

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    No 18th, but answer the question.......

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    Call your PP posse and they can explain, and i dont mean the PRYMID POSSE
    or so spelled

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    I think you have me confused with somebody else. I've met Pixi exactly one time. If that makes me part of her "posse", then guilty as charged. We went to a party at their house. If we were invited to your house, we'd probably go, but I'm not sure that would make me part of your "posse."
    and a distance growing among a few, not only you

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    What plot? I guess in your book, there's only two types of people. Those in Pixi's "posse" and those that are "distancing" themselves from her. I'm not sure if I follow your logic. I've never, to the best of my knowledge, been invited to a party at your house. Does that mean I'm against you?
    These are the parties DREAM'S are made of, I wish I had an invite :boxed:

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    It's all good. I'm sure your parties are great. Me and the mrs aren't big partiers, we prefer to hang with our kids.
    Now I will send you an invite, just for that comment
    i know you wont be shocked

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    We haven't always had kids. I wasn't born with them.
    I know, and I live in the SOUTH END.
    it sonly 24 miles from parker , Let me knowwhen your ready to step up....

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