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Thread: Battle on the Bay Photos

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    I know it took longer than usual to get these photos online, but with over 2400 photos to pick through it took some time.
    I also divided the boats up by their class as well as have them listed in alphabetical order inside the album.
    This all makes it much easier for the viewer to find what they are looking for without having to go through all of the pics.
    The Pits, The Awards, The Saturday Night Party & Concert, Volunteer's Boats, Spectator's Boats are all in their own albums as well.
    I am sure you will find it was worth the wait....
    Remember, any photo can usually be cropped and centered depending on how large of a photo you may need. Any questions, don't hesitate to email me...
    Enjoy !!!
    OPA Racing Photos Link Click here !!! (

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    Very nice, Thanks

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    nice pix

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    great pix.

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